Keynote Talks


Keynote 1

Prof. Lixia Zhang, Professor in the Computer Science Department of UCLA

Talk Title:
Addressing QoS Challenges: Seeing the Bigger Picture

Abstract: As the CFP stated, Quality of Service (QoS) has been one of the long lasting focuses in network research community. What would be the best achievable quality of service in a network, and what are the means to achieve it? It is clear that many solutions have been developed as evidenced by abundant publications over the last 20 years. What is not so clear is how many of the solutions have made an impact or what lessons have been learned. The goal of this talk is to stimuate a retrospective examination of our past efforts and to identify fruitful directions for future efforts.

Bio: Lixia Zhang received her Ph.D in computer science from MIT and joined Xerox Palo Alto Research Center as a member of research staff in 1989. She is now a professor in the Computer Science Department of UCLA. In the past she served as the vice chair of ACM SIGCOMM, member of the editorial board for the IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, member of the Internet Architecture Board, and co-chair of the Routing Research Group under IRTF. She is a fellow of ACM and IEEE. She received IEEE Internet Award in 2009 and holds UCLA Jon Postel Chair in Computer Science.

Keynote 2

Dr. John Wilkes, Google

Talk Title: QoS issues in Google cluster management


Abstract: Cluster management is the term that Google uses to describe how we control the computing infrastructure in our datacenters that supports almost all of our external services.  It includes allocating resources to different applications on our fleet of computers, looking after software installations and hardware, monitoring, and many other things.  My goal is to present an overview of these systems - including our new cluster manager, Omega - and present some of the challenges that we're facing.  Many of these challenges represent research opportunities, so I'll spend the majority of the time discussing those.


Bio: John Wilkes has been at Google since 2008, where he is working on cluster management and infrastructure services. He is interested in far too many aspects of distributed systems, but a recurring theme has been technologies that allow systems to manage themselves. In his spare time he continues, stubbornly, trying to learn how to blow glass.